Nursing Home Care BD

Home nursing services provide world-class treatment for elderly residents, Nursing Home care BD crippled and bedridden patients who are not in a position to look after themselves.

Our team of doctors and nursing staff are highly trained and experienced to look after your health when it needs the most. Sumukha provides one of the finest home nursing services in Bangalore.

At home nursing services we will ensure that patients receive quality healthcare in the comfort of your home. Home nursing services consist of doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists who have undergone intensive training duly verified by senior doctors.

We at Sumukha undertake lab tests and visit our patients for home visits at a call away. It is our motive to make health care more accessible to our patients.

Best Nursing Homecare

We provide care for seniors, post-surgical care services, tracheotomy care services, mother and baby care, cancer care, palliative care, wound care management and physiotherapy services, nursing services, care services, nursing services, doctor visits, physiotherapist visits, treatment equipment visits to you, physiotherapists. I buy and rent new ones.

Day-Night Nursing Home Care-(DNNHC) is the best and very professional for nursing home care bd in Dhaka.  We have lots of experience in providing nursing home care in Dhaka.  Our professional team is ready for a non-stop home nursing service. We appoint or give a nurse depending on the patient’s condition. Our expert management takes proper observation of the nurse service. Also, all our nurses are very friendly and we trained.

Why You Choose Our Home Service,

We know proper take care is the main issue for a good nurse. For home service, the nurse should be good and professional. So that she can give proper service with adorable care. We follow this system. So if you take our nursing home care service, you will be satisfied.  We are also providing oxygen cylinder service for our home patients. So, our nurses can control any emergency problem.

Are you thinking about the price? DNNHC is providing the best nursing at an affordable price. All our services are at a cheap price to make our clients and patients happy. We want to give adorable service to our patients.  So, no need to take over pressure about the price.