What kind of work does a nurse do?

Perform a patient’s health check (eg blood pressure measurement) as advised by a doctor Best Nursing Home Service bd.

Properly administer the medication to the patient as prescribed by the doctor;

Regularly inform the doctor about the progress or deterioration of the patient’s health;

Preparation of Operation Theater with necessary equipment before operation;

Taking the patient to the operation table;

Assisting the physician during the operation;

Taking care of the patient in general.

What kind of skill and knowledge of a nursing home care bd?

Know the patient’s health test details.

Using common appliances used in health tests (such as blood pressure measuring instruments or spoilmometer).

Understand the doctor’s prescription and advice properly and accordingly, the patient’s care.

Listening to the patient’s problem and tell the doctor.

Regular reports about the patient’s progress and deterioration.

Keep knowledge about operation theater equipment and help the doctor if necessary.

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