We are Day Night Nursing Home Care Provide BEST OLD AGE HOME SERVICE in Dhaka. Call us to get best  nursing home care in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Busy with work and unable to find time to care for your sick or elderly parents? So if you are worried about them, don’t worry anymore. We are by your side with elderly care nurses. Our aged care nurses are highly skilled and trained. They will serve your parents very carefully.

The tasks that our nurse will do: Our nurses will do all kinds of work related to the service of an elderly person or a sick patient, such as: help to walk, help to take a bath, check blood pressure, check blood sugar, help to urinate. Do all kinds of work including.

Contact us today to get quality nursing home services at low cost. Our skilled medical team will visit your patients and provide them with expert home care nurses as per their condition. Or nurse will be provided according to your needs.

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For good elderly care service, you need to have an experienced and professional trained person.  The elderly care service needs to recover from illness, after any surgery, injury or in the time of any illness. This is a long-term service for the old people to spend an easy life.
A skilled and experienced nurse can be perfect for a critical patient. We are providing nursing home care service by most experienced nurses. So you will get a dedicated nurse in your home with a long term service by us. We ensure premium quality service with a timely response.


We are providing nursing home service by the well-trained and professional team of nurses, specialist doctors, and other specialists who are working together for a patient. All of our specialist doctors are providing top level support.

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