What is family Nursing Services in Dhaka Bangladesh?

We are providing Home Nursing Service in bd, Registered Nurses will assist patients in their daily activities as well as facilitate medical care by visiting your home. He can appoint professional nurse home care services for those who need special care at home. Family nursing services Dhaka Bangladesh bd we are providing many services at your home nursing home Care BD.

Our home service:

We have been working in Dhaka city for a long time to ensure the care of patients who are ill at home. The misery of the patient’s life – pain, suffering – pain, neglect – humiliation We have had the misfortune of seeing our own eyes.

We have had the privilege of serving many sick and dependent elders in the field. Day-Night Nursing Home Care As a goal of day-night nursing home care, I have established the day-to-day nursing home care.

From here, the capable elders will get the service at a reasonable price. And those who are financially weaker will receive the service as per their affordability. There are plans to help disadvantaged seniors in the future if there is coherence One part will be given free service.

The ham care service in the city is quality, dependable and accessible to others. Working with a service organization I have seen many questions from elders, older children, and relatives – from elders. We do our best to provide satisfactory answers to their questions. Yet people have an interest in getting an idea.

The general services our nurses provide are:

Some of them are daily tasks – our nurses are trained to assist patients in their daily activities. From toilet hygiene to nutritious food, our nurses perform it. Companionship – having a partner is very important for everyone. Applying a nurse at home will be important.

Our nursing Services:

Nurse: You need 5,2 and 24-hour long-term care in your own home.

Aya / Wardabi: 1,122 and 24-hour long-term care in your own home in need of caring for your elderly/sick parent or loved one.

Babycare: In your own home, you need 1,222 and 24-hour long-term care to feed your baby at the right time,

take a bath, get him to sleep, move him out of school and get him back to school.

Physiotherapy: All types of physiotherapy are provided at home by a trained and skilled physiotherapist.
In urgent need: We provide emergency services including Diploma Nurse for all types of IV canola, IV & M ingestion, insulin, saline, all types of dressing, catheter, NG tube, blood pressure, Family nursing services at home Dhaka bd glucose measurement.