What is a nursing home service?

Health care service means taking care of a patient at home through a nurse. And those who are involved in patient health care are called nurses . Health care and nurses complement each other. Just as a nurse has no value without a patient, so does a nursing profession have no value without a patient. Healthcare is now very popular in almost all countries of the world including Bangladesh. The people of the world can no longer serve their old or sick parents because they are busy. Due to which home care nurses are arranged for the sick people in their family. Home care head nurses are trained separately. There are different types of patients at home and they have many types of problems. Home care nurses are trained to solve those problems. Home care nurses are brought home to provide services to neurology patients, the elderly and the disabled.

What is a nurse?

Serving the patient through a nurse at home is called  nursing  home care.  Most of the women are involved in nursing profession but nowadays many men are also taking up nursing profession. Men from almost all countries including Bangladesh are now taking up nursing as their profession. On the one hand, as they are benefiting, the medical sector is improving at home and abroad.

Health care service is directly related to human health. Therefore, men and women are taking up nursing profession for their own profession and service to people. There are many government and non-government organizations in Bangladesh that provide home nursing services. The nurses who are trained in the organization are called the caregivers of the patients .  Nurses that are certified for four years are called Diploma Nurses . Those who are certified for three years are called paramedical nurses. These nurses are trained to serve at home And And they  certified.