What is home care BD?


 Home care means that we can cure a person who is ill with advanced treatment. Modern home care has now been introduced in Dhaka Bangladesh (BD).

Bangladesh now has advanced medical care. Now it is better to treat them is to go abroad in order to detect diseases of all countries to use modern instruments It is for our benefit, Takes less time, Quick treatment can be done and heal.

As a result, I am getting proper and advanced treatment in less time. People will not die from lack of proper treatment from now on,

Home Care Services

One of our main tasks is to serve the sick. We have been doing this for a long time. The things we work on, Blood pressure, pulse, fever, glucose, breathing, etc. will be measured at the right time.

As per the doctor’s advice, I will take the right amount of medicine at the right time. (Via mouth / injection / NG tube / rectum).Wake up from sleep and clean the face and of course, the eyelid.
Take a bath at the right time I will take care of the hands, feet, and back.
After 2 1/2 days, I will clean the save and cut off the nails of my hands and feet from time to time.
I will sit or lie down the way the patient feels comfortable to stay. I will help you get back on track and always be on the alert.
We will eat the right amount of food at the right time. If you do not eat in the mouth, try to feed the NG tube or any other way repeatedly Will. Of course, if the patient is tired of any kind before or wounds, I  always keep an eye on it.
Helps to take the patient to the toilet. Bedding in the bed, if urine, I will definitely lower.
I will check if the closet malfunction is okay.
NG tubes, if you have a catheter, must be taken care of. I will be doing 2-3 times daily and do body, hand, foot massage, or exercise according to the patient’s needs. Patients will read magazines, storybooks, etc. and talk to the patient beautifully.
Patient used cloth, bedding will be stored. The necessary medical equipment must with machinery. I will treat the patient with respect. We will provide services according to their advice.