Medical Bed Price

Do you need medical bed in Chattogram? Then call us, we sell medical beds at affordable prices all over Bangladesh including Chattogram. We retail and wholesale all types of medical products in Chittagong. Our office Dhaka Gulshan We deliver products outside Dhaka by courier.

Medical beds are specially made for patients who cannot move or walk. Various facilities are added to these beds such as: leg side can be raised and lowered, head side can be raised and lowered

List of products sold in Chattogram:

  • Oxygen Cylinder In Chattogram
  • Oxygen Concentrator In Chattogram
  • Suction machine In Chattogram
  • Wheelchair In Chattogram
  • Cpap machine in Chattogram
  • Bipap machine In Chattogram

         Oxygen Cylinder

An oxygen cylinder is a special vessel made of iron in which oxygen is kept under high pressure. A 3 ft oxygen cylinder will last about 8 to 10 hours at a pressure of 2 liters per minute.

  • China Oxygen Cylinder Price In Chattogram : 9,500৳
  • Linde Oxygen Cylinder Price In  Chattogram : 19,500৳ 

          Oxygen Concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is an oxygen generating device that produces oxygen from air using electricity and meets the patient’s oxygen needs. It can meet the patient’s 24-hour oxygen needs.

  • 5L Owgels Oxygen Concentrator price In Chattogram : 42,500৳ 
  • 10L Owgels Oxygen Concentrator price In Chattogram : 73,500৳

         Suction machine

There are many patients who cannot get hold of saliva and phlegm in the throat.

  • Single Jar Suction Machine Price : 12,000৳
  • Double Jar Suction Machine Price : 24,000৳ 


A wheelchair is the only means of movement for patients who cannot walk.

  • Normal wheelchair price In Chattogram : 9,000৳ 
  • Sleeping type wheelchair price In Chattogram: 19,500৳

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Medical Bed In Chattogram

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