We are a medical equipment supplier in Bangladesh  . Call us to purchase all types of medical products.

oxygen cylinder

Humans receive oxygen from nature, but in many cases they need artificial oxygen to reduce the strength of their lungs. Medical oxygen cylinders are the only easy way to artificially meet a person’s oxygen needs. So call us to buy good quality oxygen cylinder as per doctor’s advice.

Patient bed

Many of our loved ones cannot do their own thing and they cannot walk. The patient’s bed is very important for their comfort. We sell different types of patient beds. So call us to buy a good quality patient bed.

Suction machine

There are many sick patients who have saliva and phlegm in their mouth but they cannot get rid of it. Suction machines are a very useful medical product for them. Call us to buy a low cost suction machine.

Oxygen concentrator 

Oxygen concentrator is a product that produces oxygen from the air. There is no problem to refill like oxygen concentrator. Call us to buy good quality concentrator.


A very useful medical  product  for wheelchair patients who cannot walk on their own and cannot move from one place to another.Call us to purchase different types of good quality wheelchairs at low prices.

Nebulizer machine

If you have asthma, your doctor may ask you to use a nebulizer. The nebulizer machine helps the patient to breathe by turning liquid medicine into fog. The nebulizer machine is a very useful medical product for asthma patients. Call us to purchase.

Pressure machine

Older members of your family always want to monitor their blood pressure. Then you need a blood pressure machine. We are currently selling. Digital and manual blood pressure machines. Call to buy a good quality blood pressure machine.

Blood Sugar Test Machine

If you always want to monitor your blood sugar then you need a blood sugar test machine. Call to buy good quality digital blood sugar test machine.

We are a medical equipment supplier in Bangladesh

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