If you are looking for a nursing agency near you for your sick parents, then we are at your side 24/7. provide good quality patient care home services at affordable prices all over Dhaka city. And we provide caregiver home service for long time duration 24 hour shifts outside Dhaka. Call us if you need medical products or nursing home care services anywhere in Bangladesh including Dhaka city.

We are close to you with skilled care givers and diploma nurses. We take care of all our patients properly and our

nurses are very dedicated to making their patients get well soon. All our services are at a reasonable price.

We Are Provide Nursing home service ,Born Care , Neuro Patient Care ,ICU Patient Care ,Physiotherapy ,

Elderly Care ,Nursing Services , Medical Product Home Service E.T.C .

The care giver of our agency will do the following:

1/ Blood pressure, pulse, fever, glucose, respiration etc. will be measured at the right time.

2/ According to the advice of the doctor, at the right time, in the right amount, the medicine will be consumed accurately.

3/ Take a bath at the right time.

4/ It will help to move.

5/ Feed in proper amount at the right time, if unable to eat by mouth, feed through NG tube or alternative method.

6/ If there are bedsores or wounds on the patient’s body, you must keep an eye on them.

7/ Assist the patient in toileting. When urinate or toilet in bed, must clean it.

8/ According to the needs of the patient, the body, hands and feet will be massaged.

9/The patient’s used clothes, bed sheets will be arranged.

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