Nursing Home care in Dhaka Bangladesh BD

Disadvantaged people, widows, women, children, relatives, living unmarried, unmarried women – men live the same way. When the health Nursing home Dhaka bd of the elderly becomes poor, children or relatives become dependent on them Nursing Home Agency in Dhaka Bangladesh BD

Those who have children take home near their children, so that they are seen regularly. Veterans who have a desire for good health and well-being. They take up residence in a place that can be easily accessed by relatives, children, and friends.

Most of our nation’s elders are financial. Very weak they depend on the kindness of children and relatives. In the village, the elderly people live in the porch of the house or live in unoccupied houses. The elderly in the city – the elderly  There is no separate room for.

In the guest room, there is a living room. Often times these homes don’t have enough air – no air. There is no need for care. No food bar is available. The drug is irregular. Trying to get to the doctor. However, the need for services is reduced.

The main reason for this is shaking – moving to a nursing home outside of your home are – easier to come by and convenient at times. Going home comfortably – if you come in, negative attitudes towards old age will change. Nursing home agencies have some advantages and disadvantages.

Take advantage of  Home Agency benefits:

1.Foods at low prices,
2.people of the same age, together,
4.pleasures and pleasures, need to clean the house,
6.Special treatment, measures.

Disadvantages of Nursing Home:

1. Cost more than your own home,
2.Low-quality food,
3. Serving the same variety of dishes,
4.Rooms in the room,
5.Those who don’t like it go away,
6. Family, relatives, friends, and friends have to be away.