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Day night nursing home care providing a new, Nursing Home Agency many people think that the medical home service Dhaka, the population of Dhaka city is more than 1.5 billion people every day.  Dhaka city is growing in size.  The elderly population is also increasing slowly.  When you think of the city of Dhaka 3 years ago, we can see Pravir.

Permanent resident of Dhaka is an old duck. Some of them could be seen by the elderly.  Originally the city was.  Young man  Young people used to do jobs, businesses.  Many are laborers.  Worked in the mill.

These young people become accustomed to city-based living.  Fell.  Youths from the village – regularly with Khajib Khabar with family.  Used to visit  Many of the young people live in Dhaka permanently.

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Medical home service Dhaka

Veteran Day care center :

Build a house  Some of them thought that they would leave the village in their old age.  In the last days of life, childhood – growing up in a memory-laden family – will be spent with family.  Some have been able to fulfill this dream.  Most have not been able to fulfill this dream.

The environment of the village has changed rapidly.  Veterans in urban life are worried about the current situation in the village.  Unknowingly, he has prepared himself to stay in the city.  In some cases, children do not even want them.  Let the parents live in the village house.

In old age, almost everyone suffers from heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, constipation, arthritis, asthma, asthma, eyes, and ears – dental problems.  The village cannot get the desired medical care – some want to stay in the city.

That means people accustomed to urban life are spending the last days of their life in the city.  City life is busy with people.  Has increased.  Running away from work in the morning, returning home in the evening. Women who don’t work outside are busy too.

Many times the housewives are under the stress of working for children’s schools, coaching, markets, taking care of relatives, caring for a person at home, showing sick doctors and so on.

There are definitely exceptions.  In the past, our social structure has changed drastically.  Joint family.  Single-family has been created.  He is very busy in economic development, individualism, uni work.  Happened Instead of joint family.

Day care home,

 Day – Care Center is such an important initiative.  With the launch of this center, local elders can solve many problems on their own. There will be mutual affection for each other.  The same age is created among people of the same age.  The elder is another elder’s pain – pain, suffering and more.  As a result, the elder can serve the elderly more.

There will also be a sense of social bonding.  Veteran physical and.  You will get more comfort in staying mentally healthy.  Special for seniors at home.  Other members of the family may be free from the pressure to attend.  If there is no one at home in an emergency, you will be able to stay at the Veterans Day Care Center.

For those who suffer from dementia.  Service days are very difficult.  Then it is very difficult to serve without a professional worker.

They will have to create separate Medical home service centers  Dhaka. In Bangladesh, the Sir William Beveridge Foundation launches a day care center for dementia reggae.  These centers have to be started with the initiative of the business in the private sector.  The elders will get better quality services in exchange for money.

As hospitals have been created privately for treatment, community-based day-care centers will be sustainable and standardized when private initiatives are launched.

Government or wealthy people can make donations for those who are unable to receive day care center benefits due to the financial crisis.  Day care centers will once again play a role in establishing the rights of the elderly.  In it, all the elderly will be able to live a dignified, comfortable, joyful life…..