Patient nutrition issues and should be done Nurse supply in Dhaka

Nutritional problems mean you cannot eat enough foods like fat, fat, sugar, vitamins and minerals. If you do not eat moderately, you will suffer from malnutrition Nurse supply in Dhaka.

Malnutrition is a serious problem for people of any age. Malnourished children are tired of hummus. Can’t do well in studies. Gradually, he became ill.

Older people often get sick if they suffer from malnutrition. Can’t do normal daily activities. You will be at risk of death. If you want to eliminate the malnutrition of the elderly, you need to know the reasons. The main cause of malnutrition is ‘eating complication.

The key is this complexity
1. Being unable to provide enough food,
2. Unable to make food
3. Not having a proper understanding of nutrition,
4. Does not want to eat,
5. The result: a lack of vegetables,
6. Do not eat alcoholic beverages,
7. Eating relatively low-quality foods,
8. Less ability to digest food,
9. Can’t chew food because of dental problems,
10. Often eating solo,
11. Not getting food, etc. of choice.
The above factors influence food intake. There are a couple of reasons. The elderly person does not have enough energy, has to feed, cannot move his arms or legs or maintain physical balance.

They are at risk of malnutrition. Family life influences food intake. Loneliness, lack of caregiving services, distance with children, and the responsibility of caring for grandchildren are many factors. Can’t get food right on time.

Failure to go to bed, weakness in movement, eye problems, wounds caused, failure to move out of the house, affect food intake. Poverty, such as low income, low land for food production, cost of living Nursing Home Care bd