Nursing Home Care Service is currently a popular name. Since people all over the world including Bangladesh are busy now, they cannot take care of their sick parents. This is why nursing home care services are so popular with people. Many organizations in Bangladesh provide nursing home care. Companies include a few government agencies and some private agencies. However, the quality of service of the two types of companies is the same .

Who is the nursing home care service for?

Nursing home care services are primarily for patients who cannot do their own work And many take home care services to care for their aging parents. Also, accepts home care services for mobility disorders, child care, etc. Nursing home care is a facility for residential care for the elderly or disabled. Nursing home care includes skilled nursing facilities, long-term care facilities.

What is home care?

Nursing home care services that takes care of sick patients at home. People in all countries, including Bangladesh, have less time to take care of elderly parents to stay busy. This is why patients are cared for by nurses at home to alleviate their suffering. In addition, nursing home care is needed for patients who cannot move and who cannot do their own work.

What works in nursing home care?

Taking care of the patient through the nurse at home is called Nursing Home Care Service. Nurses in the nursing service work primarily with patient care. Such as sugar tests, blood pressure, insulin pus, medications, bathing the patient, urinating and assisting in urination. The main function of the Nursing Home Care Service is to assist patients in their day-to-day work .

Types of Home Care Nurses?

There are three types of nurses in home care. Three types of nurses work separately . Home care nurses are certified and trained.