Home Nursing Services

Home nursing services provides a world-class treatment for elderly residents, crippled and bedridden patients who are not in a position to look after themselves. Our team of doctors and nursing staff are highly trained and experienced to look after your health when it needs the most. Sumukha provides one of the finest home

Nursing services in Dhaka.

At home nursing services we will ensure that patients receive a quality healthcare in the comfort of your home. Home nursing services consists of doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists who have undergone intensive training duly verified by senior doctors. We at Sumukha undertake lab tests and visit our patients for home visits at a call away. It is our motive to make health care more accessible to our patients.

Home nursing services at its very best:

Through home nursing services we ensure a complete medical attention to the patients. Home nursing services provides a better opportunity to interact medical professionals with the family members. It gives a chance to understand the psychology of the patient and cater to his needs positively.

The family gets an opportunity to consider and observe the medical needs and care and deliver them to the person efficiently in case of necessity.

Near nursing home care

Home nursing services plays a crucial role in the management of all care programmes and enhancement of patient’s health. Also, there is a need for specifically trained nurses in many therapeutic areas. Many of the patients may not feel comfortable to stay in a nursing home for a long period.

The reasons could be either they are not in a condition to move to a nursing home or they may feel that they are cut-off from their family members. That is the reason why home nursing services are here.

Our clinical healthcare procedures at home nursing services are developed after consulting some of the leading home healthcare professionals.

This is to ensure that you receive the best medical care of the highest standard at all times. Our services are always of the highest standard when it comes to home nursing services and we don’t compromise on the quality of the service.

Nursing Home Service and Its Work?

What is nursing home service bd?

If a sick or disabled person refers to a broad field of integrated treatment, personal and social Nursing home care bd careers to meet long-term physical, social, and psychological needs. Nursing service bd for elderly homes are called trained people who are kept at home to care for people who need 24-hour medical care and supervision.

What kind of care does a nursing home provide bd?

Nursing home care offers the best care for a person outside the hospital and offers the most care. The services that nursing home care providers – such as bathing, dressing, and eating – as well as providing efficient care support. They are incorporated into the treatment and monitoring and treatment.

Finding good and advanced nursing home care is a very difficult task these days. It is important to start looking well before taking this service to your home. Repeatedly changing the establishment of service providers may cause problems for the patient, so you need to think about what to do.
Need help with bathing, clothing, toilet assistance, eating, patient care, injection, insulin, saline, catheter, NG tube, and dressing?
How long do you need help with?
You should visit the institution of nursing home care that you are interested in seeking, and check the open letter, admission requirements, level of care provided, and government approval before you decide.

How do nursing home care?
As you and your family evaluate your long-term care needs, it is important to consider financing options. I keep my personal funds for nursing home care. I give the money to the nurse who is providing care at your home.