Our Nursing Service At your Home

Nursing Home Care BD Service, It is a renowned Dhaka Bangladesh based company for nursing care at home. our ability and we endeavor to regularly improve our service quality by fulfilling the changing requirements of our client’s loved ones.

We used to provide trained personal and best Caretaker services in Dhaka & aims to be the best caretaker service provider in Dhaka.

Our employees are selected and being employed directly by us and we used to provide proper training to caregivers before placing them for serving our client. We used to do extensive reference checks as well as background verification to ensure and confirm proof of identity.

Home Nursing in Dhaka

Everyone expects the best caretaker service for their loved ones with the best possible price, and we used to provide the best possible Patient Caretaker in Dhaka at your doorstep.

Our Senior citizen Caretaker in Dhaka services is one of the best Caretaker services in Dhaka.

In Today’s lifestyle, a working woman wants the best Caretaker or baby sitter for their newborn baby.

Patient Care Home Service

Surgical Items is Dhaka’s most reputed Caretaker, housekeeping, and maid services provider organization.

New Born baby needs to handle very softly and our trained professionals caretaker or maid provides their services in Dhaka.

Best Nursing home care bd

We used to provide premier, friendly, reliable maternity care in Dhaka to the most sensitive, clientele with all the requirements.

With every child who needs Caretaker, safety & satisfaction is the most important, which we used to give to our best level.

Not only to child or senior citizens we used to provide patient caretakers in Dhaka along with all services.

We take care of your loved ones like our own. Patient Care Home Service & Surgical Items believe to deliver Patient Caretaker in Dhaka for taking care of your old parents who need helps after you are going to the office.

Our experienced and trained professionals also provide their services to newborn babies and care for those babies carefully.

You do not need to worry about your parents, our patient caretaker in Dhaka provides caretaker services. Nursing Home Care BD Service, It is a renowned Dhaka Bangladesh based company for nursing care at home.

The children can no longer sit with folded hands! In fact, the best gift for the mother is the love given by the child. Mother has to give time every day for this love. Not just Mother’s Day, every day should be a little time for the mother. For mother’s care and research. World Mother’s Day reminds children of this.

  আসলে মায়ের জন্য সেরা উপহার—সন্তানের দেওয়া ভালোবাসা। এ ভালোবাসার জন্য মাকে প্রতিদিনই সময় দিতে হবে। শুধু মা দিবস নয়, প্রতিদিনই কিছুটা করে সময় রাখুতে হবে মায়ের জন্য। মায়ের সেবাযত্ন ও খোঁজখবরের জন্য। বিশ্ব মা দিবস এ কথাই তো মনে করিয়ে দেয় সন্তানদের।