Old man care in BD

Old man care in bd terror to people of all ages. Our society views old age as a negative one. The idea of ​​Manas, a place of punishment for people, is a matter of halt.

From ancient times, the existence of old age is seen in the Indian subcontinent. Apart from this, there was an orphanage for helpless children, a widow for widows.

The common man could not take old age well. The world has changed, people’s lives have changed and nursing home care.

A new world situation has come before mankind. The average income of people has increased due to the welfare of the medical community.

The number of seniors is increasing in the society. Veteran population is a major challenge before the world. The veteran issue is no longer in the mood to be ignored. The country’s textbook has included ‘veteran matter.

Many are appreciating the sanctity of old man in bd age. Likewise natural. Children and the elderly are most affected by disasters, war, climate change. People continue to fight for money, fame, power, dignity. Human relations is gradually weakening. Now the question is – what will be the living pattern of a large number of elderly people?
There are five types of life profiles in Bangladesh For example :

1. Spouse childless solitary life,
2. Living alone in the old or old home,
3. Living with siblings or friends,
4. Living with or without children or grandchildren, widows or widows
5. Adult rehab center or veteran’s residence.
Elderly – What kind of lifestyle will the elderly choose, in some respects. Dependent A brief explanation of the terms is discussed. The elderly people who live in the financial community live in their own homes or in new areas.

Survivors, widows, and children, such as children, are near relatives. Live unmarried, unmarried women – men live that way. When the health of the elderly becomes poor, they become dependent on children or relatives.

Those who have children take home near their children, so that they are seen regularly. Veterans who desire health and well-being, take up residence in a place where relatives, children, and friends can easily reach out. Most of the elders of our country are very weak financially.

They are dependent on the kindness of children, relatives. In the village, the elderly people live in the porch of the house or live in unoccupied houses. Older in town – There is no separate room for the elderly. In the guest room, there is a living room.

Often times these homes don’t have enough air – no air. There is no need to look after. In the right way No food bar available. The drug is irregular. Trying to get to the doctor. However, the need for services is reduced.

In our country, elders are not interested in living in old age. The main reason for this is shaking – old homes are outside their own area.
Moving to an old home – If it is easy to come and go home comfortably at a convenient time – if you can come, the negative attitude towards the elderly will change.


1. Low-cost food,
2. Being with the same people,
3. A sense of humor and joy,
4. No need to clean the house,
5. The need for constant treatment,
6. Security system is good


1. Cost more than your own
2. Low-quality food,
3. Serving the same variety of dishes,
4. Rooms in the room
5. Those who dislike it go away
6. Family, relatives, friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, friends and relatives
And to help the elderly, helpless, helpless elderly living, eating, treatment.

Relatives can stay with Old man care.

The employment of a large number of people will be created if the Veteran’s residence is developed by individual initiative. The instinct of the human is shaken. Seeing your own interests first. The older the better physically and mentally.