What is Oxygen Cylinder?

Medical Oxygen Cylinder in bd Dhaka refers to the that is trapped in a metal container. An oxy- tank is an oxy- storage vessel,

This gas has no color,This gas reacts to odorless and other gases,

Made by 8 nuclear chemical component And life-sustaining elements of the air.

Oxygen forms about 20 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere and is the most abundant element in the Earth’s atmosphere, mainly in the form of oxide, silicate, and carbonate.

What is oxygen?

This is the living oxygen. It is more active than the molecular structure of. Rent Sell Home Supplier in Dhaka BD.

We rent and sell oxygen cylinders for use in the ward and at home. We always use good and good quality oxygen and it is in demand. In addition, medical oxygen cylinders are made of high-quality, high-performance.


Oxygen Cylinder BD | Medical Oxygen Cylinder Rent Cell in Dhaka

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