oxygen cylinder

The gaseous substance that people take in from the air to survive is called oxygen. Medical Oxygen Cylinder Price In bd Support at Home Rent & Sell in & Refill Dhaka Bangladesh.
When the amount of oxygen and concentration in the blood in the human body drops below 95 percent, he has to use medical oxygen. The amount of oxygen in a healthy person’s body will be 95 to 98 percent. The amount of oxygen a patient needs to use depends on the concentration of blood and the heart rate.
Medical oxygen is high purity oxygen that physicians use in medical work. Medical oxygen cylinders contain high purity gas of oxygen. There are certain rules for using this cylinder.
Having a doctor’s prescription is very necessary or important to buy or use it.

Where can I get an oxygen cylinder?

OXYGEN CYLINDER SHOP  is an oxygen supply company where you can find all kinds of medical equipment starting from different types of medical products. Here various types of medical equipment are sold and rented.
Details of the products you will get:
1. Oxygen cylinder
2. Linda Oxygen Cylinder
3. Portable oxygen cylinder
4. Oxygen concentrator
5. Wheelchair
6. Medical Bed
7. Pulse oximeter
8. BP machine
9. Nebulizer machine
10. Suction machine
11. Trolley
12. CPAP machine etc.
Oxygen cylinders are rented here for the needs and convenience of the people, today we provide our service in Greater Dhaka Bangladesh, and all over the country.

Here you will find a wide variety of medical oxygen cylinders and medical products at affordable prices. We do medical oxygen  cylinder  home delivery and we take our payment after home delivery.

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Price in bd Support at Home Rent & Sell in & Refill Dhaka Bangladesh.

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