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Oxygen Cylinder: Oxygen Cylinder is a special iron-laden vessel for keeping oxygen inside, where oxygen is kept in high pressure. The vessel holds a lot of oxygen as a result of high pressure. By giving one liter of oxygen a minute, the patient gets approximately 22 hours of oxygen in a medium-sized cylinder.

Oxygen is a medicine for you. Therefore, it should be used as your doctor advises. Do not change the dose and duration of it without the doctor’s instructions.

Linden Oxygen Cylinder is an important business in the context of Bangladesh. Linde is extensively involved in the production and distribution of oxygen gas, anesthesia,

welding products, and equipment and accessories for industrial and medical purposes Oxygen Cylinder Shop in Dhaka Bangladesh(BD) Near me, We are one of the experienced and most of the valuable services

It is also involved in the rental of cylinders for vacuum insulated evaporation. The company operates through the following categories: bulk gas, packaged gas and products, and healthcare.

What to do when there is oxygen: Keep oxygen at least 3 feet away from anything that can catch fire. These include matches, candles, cigarettes, gas burners, fireplaces or any other combustible material.

Keep oxygen at least 3 feet away from any heat source, such as a space heater, steam pipe, oven, and any other heating system.

Find out if you need to maintain distance from any such device like TV or Radio from the Medical Equipment Company. When you do not use oxygen, it must be completely closed. Keep the oxygen cylinder away from direct sunlight.