Do you need patient care home services in Uttara? Then contact us, we provide nursing home care services in entire Dhaka city including Uttara. We are by your side to heal the sick people in your family. The services that you will get from us in Uttara are, baby care nursing, neuro patient care service, stoke care service, elderly care service, physiotherapy service and home service of medical products. All our services are of very good quality and affordable price. So trust us to protect your family. Patient Care Service Near Me Uttara

Type of service in Uttara

We provide all types of nursing home services and home services of medical products in Dhaka city Uttara. We provide three types of nurses in Uttara 12 hours and 24 hours shifts. Three types of nurses are 1/ Diploma Nurse 2/ Paramedical Nurse 3/ Care Giver. As the work of these three types of nurses is different, so is their remuneration . Our provided nurse will do all kinds of work related to patient care. The work that our nurse will do is: blood pressure measurement, blood sugar test, help to eat, help to walk, help to use the toilet and all kinds of work. Patient Care Service Near Me Uttara .

What is nursing home care?

Providing services to patients by employing skilled nurses at home is called nursing home care service. Nursing home care services are available for people who cannot do their own work due to illness or age and baby care home services are available for many mothers who are unable to take care of their newborns or due to work pressure.

Our nurses are working very hard to get your patient well soon. Our skilled medical team always monitors the work of the nurse and the physical condition of the patient.

All the medical products available from us are: oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, suction machines, wheelchairs, nebulizer machines, patient beds and other medical products.  Call us to get good quality nursing home services and medical products home services at low cost. Patient Care Service Near Me Uttara. 

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