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What is nursing home care?

Nursing is a profession that deals with patient care. And nursing home care is taking proper care of the patient at home. Nursing home care services are very popular these days as people are busy with work and do not have time to take care of sick family members due to which they hire home care nurses to provide proper care to their family members. In nursing home care services, a nurse performs all kinds of tasks related to patient care.

What is baby care?

Child care means providing proper nursing care to children. Physical and mental development of children is disrupted due to lack of proper care. We should all take care of children. Home care nurse has become a popular way of caring for children in all countries of the world including our country these days.

What is Neurology Care ?

Family members cannot take care of neuro patients because it is difficult to take care of them. So their home care nurse becomes necessary.  Those who have neuro patients in their family contact us. Because we provide trained and skilled neuro care home nurses.

What is Stock Patient Care?

Patients with high blood pressure are at higher risk of stroke. In case of stoke, the patient becomes physically incapacitated. That’s why they need a home care nurse to help them when they can’t do anything on their own. People with stoke employ skilled home care nurses for all of these reasons.

What is Newborn Care?

Proper care of newborn baby is very important. There are many mothers in our country who have little time to take care of their children due to work. Social care is very important for the physical and mental development of their children. They should have skilled neonatal care nurses at home to provide proper care to their children.

What is Physiotherapy ?

Physiotherapy is a unique medical system in which health care is provided through physical exercise. Doctors of this method are known as physiotherapists.
Various physical disabilities may require physiotherapy. For example:
1/ Spinal cord or joint disease
2/ Chest and back pain
3/ Traumatic pain
4/ Nerve problems
5/ Cerebral palsy
6/ Shortness of breath
7/ stroke
8/ Any disorder after operation etc.

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