Home Care Bangladesh

What is home care in Bangladesh? Home care in Bangladesh enables the elderly to age at home.

while professional nurses help them with daily chores to maintain the independence they need.

The personalized home care services of visiting angels in Bangladesh provide interaction with

the elderly and help them with daily activities at home. When to use home care services in BD.

You may be the only caregiver for your family members and cannot choose to seek professional help.

However, when the elderly or the elderly leave their beloved home, the emotional trauma they suffer can be huge. Research shows that older people do well when they stay at home in a familiar environment.

In Bangladesh, choosing home care is a difficult and stressful decision that involves many factors, including logistics, emotional and home care costs. Your first step should be to get experience and advice from a trusted source. We have been home care experts in Bangladesh for many years and have extensive experience to guide you through the decision-making process. In fact, we provide free family consultations to determine what type of care is useful and appropriate for your loved one. A caregiver whose personality, skills and experience suit them best. We know that it is difficult for someone to come to your home or family member’s residence.

The experienced

And compassionate “visiting angel” senior guardian has visited thousands of homes and we have dealt with many different situations, schedules, personalities and needs. We take the time to answer all your questions, because this is a new challenging challenge. Urgent family needs. Although most home care requests in Bangladesh are planned, there are sometimes emergencies or unforeseen circumstances that can cause you to seek help faster than expected.Visiting angels can quickly respond to families in need of emergency or even after discharge from medical institutions (such as hospitals or rehabilitation institutions).

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We can seek help in hospitals, nursing homes, home care  facilities in BD or among people who are discharged or recovering. We can also help complete important transitions, such as B. With the help of family members or family members, during the moving process, we can reduce your burden and provide you with help: advice on planning, cost and care. Arrange a home visit. Develop a personal care plan. Schedule meetings with nursing staff.  Home care in BD.The government is helping people stay longer in Bangladesh.

Regis home care

Services can help you live your life in your own home. They are as personal as you. Services cover Bangladesh’s home care and other needs: home care-professional medical assistance. including home care and personal hygiene assistance in Bangladesh. dressing and undressing, moving and transportation, rehabilitation and family assistance services to provide you with help BD The hands of the country provide you with general support, and can provide them with travel and worry-free home maintenance services, including shopping, transportation, cleaning, cooking, home care and dry cleaning. , Swim or accompany him to his favorite place.

There are two types of government-funded care programs to choose from. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may be eligible for government funding.There are four different funding levels. In order to determine whether you are eligible for a home care plan funded by the Bangladeshi government and the level of funding that suits you, you need to conduct a personal assessment (for more information on the assessment, please see here. A private plan is required to provide you with services) More Choosing this will provide you with extra help and provide you with whole-house services, and provide you with a comfortable office environment when family and friends are away.

Elderly people in Bangladesh,

public, private or both? Regis offers two packages, we can travel with you and you can create a package that suits you together, Bangladesh Home Care is designed to help you make your life more comfortable.This may be because we are helping you make the most of your existing service package, or you have added a government-sponsored service package to your services so that you can include more services you want with a simple fee. You can find more information about private home care packages and prices in Bangladesh here. If you need help choosing the best packaging for you, please contact a home care expert in Bangladesh.

We provide high quality nursing home care service all over Bangladesh.


The home care package funded by the government of Bangladesh is applicable to all qualified personnel. You will need a quote to see if you meet the conditions. This evaluation is free. If you need help, we can guide you through the process. For more information on how this process works, see the “My Aged Care” page.We can make it easier for you. . Please note that the evaluation may take some time.

You may need to

Wait before doing this. After evaluating your Bangladesh home care plan, if you need additional help at home while waiting for the evaluation, from getting help with changing clothes to taking care of the company while shopping or chatting with the company, it can help you . To learn more about how Regis  can help you live a comfortable life in your own home,

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