Parents nursing home care service BD at old age – now the time demanded:

The normal movement of elders has been limit due to various crisis. Many people are not interest in the outside.Nursing Home Care BD Service, It is a renowned Dhaka Bangladesh.

Vehicles, restrooms, toilet facilities are not worried about the demand for the needs of the needs. Do not get courage to go to big hospital to take treatment.

Old people can not live for a long time due to physical and emotional reasons. In the long path, the resurrection is essential. There is no suit of the journey. Relatives.

Most of the house is not interest to stay elderly. Those who live in nail. Often disrespect – disrespectfulness.

Again, the nearest relatives of the house is to get rid of the stairs or do not want to reserve the high-comade use.

The elderly villages who live in the upazila or district headquarters came to treatment. Expert doctors gave different types of experiments. After finishing those tests, the report is to show the doctor.

The same day is not possible to see the repace to see the doctor by completing the test. There are two days. Those who have relatives or well-being, do not worry about them.

We are giving a nursing service for the other problem. Those who do not have a sudden, they live in Hatle or return home.

The poor helpless elders have to spend excessively. This excess cost becomes difficult for many.

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In the corner, the amount of time to go, go – going – eating, the amount of spending is more than medical expendions. The elders, grandchildren, grandchildren, relatives are sick. Wants to see them.

Come to the same day in the corner of Kona – going to go Become.

If there is no good to stay, he has to return home. The routes. The suffering creates the physical and mental turmoil of the elderly. Yellow, yellow, Birthdays, marriages, respect, Milad, Kulkhani, Mahfil, Puja, Putty Shootstonement, etc. are accepted in the elders.

The use of toilet, Gesl, sleeping in a lot of trouble. The independent movement of the elderly movement helps to keep us normal.

Especially in the wedding ceremony, there is a lot of leak. Everyone monts an eye on important relatives and friends.

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They have – eat, bath, rest, rest in the rest of the way. Everyone is aware of that. Children in the coming guests and The elderly is very weak.

The use of their rest, Gesl, ditch is very sensitive. In most cases there is nothing to say the restroom. Many people have to stay in one room. Someone spent millions of money in the wedding ceremony.

The elderly relatives are near to the ends and punishment. The interest of renting room in residential hatell is very low. The elders came to the wedding ceremony, got known relatives, friends. Unfamiliar people.

If there is a traffic congestion or on the road, then the time is more time. Takes more. Our vehicles still did not become elderly friendly. There is no restroom in the road.

Annual Mahfil, Waj – Nasihat heard the elders away – far and wide. Go. In the presence of thousands of devices, Mahfil was held. There is a lot of time to stay there, launches to live the night under launches, Sammiana. The devotees Hopefully suffer these hardships in the hope of gain gladness.

Many elderly became part of these mahfil; But it was frustrated with considering the crisis of stay. Some people ignore these crises and become sick. All the elders want to participate in all social events.

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In the social event. The right to participate is the right. Government – Private senior restrooms can be made.

Each district – the rest of the restroom in the upazila is a matter of time. City Corporation, District Council, Upazila Parishad can build a restroom in its own funding.

The restroom can develop in private initiative or in the initiative of social organizations. These surroundings at the nominal price. There will be a good night.

Determine the price for every hour in the day. Can be done. The national identity card must be displayed in using these restrooms, so that the true elders get well. The parliamentary members and local representatives can make the restroom in the Arbitrator of the elders.

Local wealthy, charitable lakes can build a restroom for the elders in their own wishes. If the government wants to work in existing infrastructure.

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By planting the elders can make rest in the path of the sidewalk. Every district – | In the upazila, Dakbangla is in the priority basis, the elders can be given priority basis.

Now almost more than one residential in every district. Hatel is there. Most of the upazilas have residential haters.

Local administration And every resident initiative is to afford the same price at a cost-effective price.

The owner can agree to rent the room. The haterell owners Renting the old-friendly rooms, inviting them to the state ceremony and arranging social recognition, helpless-destitute elders can pay the bills of Hatelel’s bills.

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Local administration can form a fund with financial assistance to interested people interested in society and a government grant. Nowadays, I often see, many of the personal initiatives have been produced by the elderly home or old age.

Seen later. Leaks are not available there. The only solution to our country’s people to bring the elders of our country’s elders in the country.

I saw many educated people to do such monomals. Under their baze, the elderly issue will be done on the basis of social and religious values of Bangladesh. If the old restroom is going on, local people will increase the hands of local people.

They are the safety and service of the elders. Encouragement will arise. Our schools in these sangamas – children of college children It will be good to appoint it as a volunteer. Working for elders can be a part of education.

Nursing Home Care BD Service, It is a renowned Dhaka Bangladesh based company for nursing care at home.

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If they make a good man to participate in humanitarian work outside the textbook, they will get the best of being a real man. Our children enable the help of all the people of all children. We have to do in the work of Takela work.

The restroom is in a tapshala. Will work. From where our children can earn a lot of knowledge. The elders will get courage in the path if the restroom is in the restroom.

If you do not like it or sick. If you have bribe, the elders can rest. If the prausis thinks closest. Can send news to relatives. Hospital or expert The resentment volunteers will be able to help the doctor.

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The emergency situation can be helped in 999, if you have to take care of the elderly or to go to visit the elderly. By doing this, the elders will get well enough to stay healthy. Gain joy. It means that the restrooms are not meant to be merciful or kind of mercy to the elders, and the elders will have to remember the right.

Our elders dedicated their youth in making today’s beautiful present. The responsibility of managing the restroom. Local elders can be given. The average life expectancy of people will increase further.

There will be a sudden survival in the world. Long life in the body of sick body. May not be glory.Nursing Home Care BD Service, It is a renowned Dhaka.

The rest of the arbitrator in different types of elders are very important.

Now the time has come to keep the life of elders meaningful and actions to start a nursing service at home.