If you are worried about the cost of patient home care services, then worry no more. We provide affordable patient care home services all over Bangladesh including Dhaka city. Contact us today to get skilled patient care nurses at low cost. Our home service of all types of nursing and medical products is affordable. Patient Care Home Service Cost . 

We have been providing home service of nursing and medical products since 2016. Our previous customers are very loyal to us and are known to provide good quality service to them. If you need nursing or medical products, you can take our service, I hope you will be happy inshallah.

1/ Patient Care Attendant 12 Hours Cost : 800৳

2/ Patient Care Attendant 24 Hours Cost : 1000৳

  • 12 Hours in a day/night
  • Educations: SSC, HSC
  •  training  5 Month
  • Old Age Care
  • Patient’s hygienic and cleanness
  • New-born Baby care
  •  Hospital discharge care
  • Nurse Food: Included

Our patient care nurses will do all the work related to patient care

For example:

1/ Blood pressure, pulse, fever, glucose, respiration etc. will be measured at the right time.

2/ According to the advice of the doctor, at the right time, in the right amount, the medicine will be consumed accurately.

3/ Take a bath at the right time.

4/ It will help to move.

5/ Feed in proper amount at the right time, if unable to eat by mouth, feed through NG tube or alternative method.

6/ If there are bedsores or wounds on the patient’s body, you must keep an eye on them.

7/ Assist the patient in toileting. When urinate or toilet in bed, must clean it.

8/ According to the needs of the patient, the body, hands and feet will be massaged.

9/The patient’s used clothes, bed sheets will be arranged.

If Patientcare refuses to do any of the above, do not abuse them. Inform our skilled medical team.

Patient Care Home Service Cost

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