Nursing Home Care is the service of the patient at home through the nurse. Nowadays nursing home care is a very popular means of providing services to patients. Nursing home care services are currently provided 24 hours a day. Day night home care service is to serve the patient through nurse day and night at home . At present there is a huge demand for home care nurses in our country. Since people are busy, they do not have time to serve their sick parents. As a result, they arranged for a nurse at their parents’ home. You don’t have time to work to serve your parents. Don’t worry if you are looking for a good quality nurse to serve them. We now provide certified good quality nurses at home. Contact us to get all types of Nursing home care service 24 hour .

How to take a nurse at home?

To hire a nurse, you must first contract with a nursing company. The job of nurses at home is to do all kinds of work related to patient care. So nurses will not do any kind of homework. And nurses cannot be treated like housemaids. Nor can they be mentally and physically harassed. Work cannot be done outside the time frame set by the organization. If nurses find any disrespect or negligence in their work, they should notify the company immediately.

What does a home care nurse do?

The job of a home care nurse is to: measure blood pressure, pulse, fever, glucose, respiration, etc., taking the right amount at the right time according to the doctor’s advice, so that it can help you walk again. Feed in moderation. Helping the patient while going to the toilet and urinating. Tidying up the patient’s bed etc.

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