The supply of home care nurses is well known in Dhaka. The people of our country do not have time. Due to which they do not get time to serve their sick parents. They bring home care nurses to serve their parents. Nursing Home Care is the best and most professional for Dhaka.  We have a lot of experience in providing Home care nurse supply in Dhaka . Our professional team is ready for non-stop home nursing services. We hire or provide a nurse depending on the patient’s condition. Our expert management takes proper care of the nurse service. Also, all our nurses are very friendly and we are trained. Our nurses treat all types of patients very carefully. Their only goal is to heal the patient. By our professional team we review the patient’s physical condition and the work of the nurses.

Home care service

Patients who cannot do their own work need a home care nurse. The tasks that the home care nurse will do are: diagnose the patient’s blood pressure, diagnose diabetes. Feeding at NGTUB. Nebulizer, Insulin Pus. Will help in defecation and urination. Home care nurses will bathe, feed, give medicine, etc. Home care nurses work with patient care. So they will not do any work at home. And nurses cannot be treated like working people. And they cannot be physically or mentally harassed. A home care nurse will do all kinds of work related to patient care.

Due to the huge demand for home care nurses in Bangladesh, many are taking up the nursing profession. There are many government and private nursing companies in Bangladesh that  Home care nurse supply in Dhaka  . Private nursing companies provide their nurses online. Nursing facilities are available at home . Contact us to get all kinds of nursing home services at home.