Home health care support in Dhaka  is a human health service. Home health care includes all types of human services. Currently all types of nursing home care are available at home.

Care of the elderly

You don’t have time to take care of the elderly at home for your work. You can hire an elderly care nurse to serve them. An elderly care nurse. Will serve your elderly parents very carefully. The nurse will help the elderly to eat. Will help to walk and do all the work. Read story books or newspapers. And the elderly care nurse will treat your elderly parents like you would.

Child care

Many newborn mothers cannot take proper care of them. Lack of care due to illness or work then your baby’s body is not good. As a result, there are problems in their mental and physical development. Good care is essential for the mental and physical development of the child. So you can take care of your baby with a nurse at home.

Neurology Care

Those who have head problems are called Neurology patients. Patients have no knowledge of neurology due to head problems. Due to which they cannot do their own work. And the people in the house can’t take care of them all the time. So they need a home care nurse. The job of a home care nurse is to help a neurology patient with what he or she cannot do. So take home care nurse for neurology patient.

Patient Home Care

Patient home care is taking care of the patient through a nurse at home. Patients who cannot do their own work need a home care nurse. A home care nurse will do all kinds of work for the patient. For example: helping the patient to walk, helping to take a bath. Helps to eat food. To check the blood pressure of the patient, to check the sugar. Feeding on ngtube. If there is phlegm in the throat, suck. Pulse and oxygen tests etc.  You can hire a home care nurse to provide better care for your ailing parents.

Home physiotherapy support

Physiotherapy is an effective physical exercise for stock patients and those who are paralyzed or unable to walk. We have built high quality physiotherapy centers in all countries of the world including our country. Physiotherapy support is now available in hospitals as well as at home. You can hire a home physiotherapist for those who cannot walk.

Home health care support in Dhaka

We are an organization that provides home care nurses at home. We provide certified and trained nurses. Who always serves the patient in a beautiful way. So contact us to get all kinds of nursing home services at home.

Medical Equipment Service

We supply all types of medical products including oxygen cylinders all over Bangladesh. Call us to buy good quality medical products at low prices. Contact us to get Home health care support in Dhaka