We are home care nurse supplier in Bangladesh. We provide in-house trained nurses 12 hours or 24 hours. meet with the patient before giving the nurse any home. Let’s review what type of nurse the patient needs. provide trained or certified nurses at home according to the needs of the patient. If someone wants to hire a home care nurse at home to serve their parents. In that case we have to make an agreement with the company. provides nursing home assistance in Dhaka city. Contact us to get all types of nursing home Support in Bangladesh

Nursing home care

Nursing home care is the care of a patient by a nurse at home.  Home Care involves receiving any service from a nurse at home. Currently all types of nursing home Support in Bangladesh are available at home. This is why home services are gaining so much popularity.

What is the job of a home care nurse

A home care nurse will do all kinds of work related to patient care. Such as checking the patient’s blood pressure, checking the sugar, helping to eat food, helping to walk. Help to bathe. Pulse tests, pushing insulin when sugar is high, helping with urination, Keep the patient’s bed clean and tidy, read the newspaper to the patient and treat the patient nicely etc.

Where can I find a home care nurse

There is no need to worry about finding good quality home care nurses nowadays due to the huge demand for home care nurses worldwide. At present we have home care nurses all over Bangladesh. Due to the demand for home care nurses, many government and private nursing companies have sprung up in our country. Private nursing companies in our country provide their nurses online at home. Contact us to get All kinds  of nursing home Support in Bangladesh .