Do you want to take nursing home services?
We provide 24 hours or 12 hours day and night nursing home care to elderly sick people through home nurses all over Bangladesh.  constantly researching the work of patients and nurses by our special team. We provide home nursing service in Bangladesh . provide home care nurses for patients at home in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The nurses we provide are capable of doing all kinds of work related to patient care. To hire a home nurse from our company, you must first contract with our company. The agreement will specify how the patient’s family will treat the nurses and what the nurses will do, and how the nurses will treat the patient and the patient’s family. The nurse provider will hire the nurse by signing an agreement with both the nurse and the patient’s family. A home care nurse helps the patient, diagnoses blood pressure, diagnoses blood sugar, pus insulin, helps to walk, eats. Helps to urinate and urinate, nebulizer, suction etc. will work.

What is Nursing Home Care

Nursing Home Care is the provision of services to a sick patient at home through a nurse. Patients who are unable to do their own work, such as stroke patients, paralysis patients, neurology patients, the elderly, cannot do their own work, so they need nursing home care support. Our nurses also help a sick person. Do all kinds of work to keep him mentally and emotionally healthy. Serving the elderly, providing services to the mentally ill, staying with the elderly at all times, ensuring the safety of the sick, feeding at the right time, taking medicine at the right time as directed by the doctor, etc.

Day-Night Nursing Home Care has been providing home nursing service in Bangladesh  for the last six years . We are constantly improving the quality of our services . We are ensuring our services to keep pace with the changing times .