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what is a nurse ?

Nursing is a profession that deals with health care and health awareness activities of the general population. Through this profession, the importance of personal, family or social health recovery and lifestyle of any patient or person is highlighted.

A nurse is a devoted soul. A service provider entity. A nurse is a ray of light in a dark room. How important a nurse is for a country no longer has to be explained to anyone by hand or pen in a book but a little conscious eye can explain how important a nurse is for a country.

We all often say that a patient gets better about 50% only by good treatment with him. In that case, nursing is the best approach. From the time a patient is admitted to the hospital, a nurse keeps him under constant observation, and nurses are the ones who are most close to the patient and always provide them with mental support. As a result, a patient often gets better.

Functions of Nurse:

1) In-house decanter

2) Medical Fissure

3) Providing round-the-clock assistance to the doctor in the health related activities of every worker / employee /       officer of the entire factory.

4) Floor inspection at least 2 times per day.

5) Checking the first aid box stored in the floor area at least 1 time per day and making workers aware of health as needed.

6) Ensuring availability of all first aid facilities on the floor through consultation with first aiders.

Nursing Home Care In Gulshan

আপনার পরিবারের কেউ অসুস্থ  তার জণ্য নার্স দরকার  তাহলে কল করুন আমাদের আমরা ঢাকা শহরে গুলশান

সহ সকল যায়গাতে হোম কেয়ার নার্স নিয়োগ করি ।

আমাদের কাছে পবেন সকল ধরনের মেডিকেল পণ্য সূলভ মূল্যে এবং ফ্রী হোম ডেলিভারি সার্ভিস সহ ২৪ ঘন্টা

হোম সার্ভিস সবিধা । তাই ভালো মানের নার্সিং হোম সার্ভিস  এবং মেডিকেল পণ্য ক্রয় করতে আমাদের কল করুন ।

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