In-home nursing care service is a much-needed service for patients needing assistance with day-to-day activities.  DAY NIGHT NURSING HOME CARE Agency is one of the best agencies with more affordable prices and the best caring service for this type of service. For the convenience of patients in Bangladesh, we try to provide hospital nursing home care service  in BD at home.

We provide nursing home care service  in BD . Our nurses are extremely skilled and humble. We have trained them properly to give the best service. The happiness of the patients measures our success. We always try to give our best service.

Your well-being is always a priority for us when it comes to nursing care service at home. To provide the most compassionate, attentive home care service, we follow all guidelines in the medical field. Furthermore, patients can recuperate among their families while receiving in-home nursing care services.​

Home nursing care

DAY NIGHT NURSING HOME CARE  provides high-quality, individualized home care service in Bangladesh in your home or community for patients of all ages. You can regain and maintain your independence with our services and equipment. When you need nursing care service at home, call us. We are always ready to do the service. So let’s go to see some needs of you:

  •  Newborn baby & mother home care service  is what our senior nurse (Non-diploma Nurse) generally. But if you want you can choose another option also.
  • Nursing care service at home for surgical or nonsurgical patients who cannot do daily activities.
  • A physical therapist can improve the condition of a patient who has difficulty moving. It is possible to reduce immobility through regular physical Therapy
  • Persons with disabilities can be cared for by certified nurses. Their responsibilities will be housekeeping, preparing meals, running errands, caring for their personal needs, etc.
  • Home care services are essential in the case of severe and chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, diabetes, kidney disease, etc.
  • For the daily child, nursing care service is also essential for those parents who are focused on their job.

our service?

You can take all kinds of nursing services to your home that we have all over Bangladesh. We can make some points if we want to say it in a specific way. Such as:

  • After surgical care
  • Taking any kinds of injections
  • Regular/ special care of elderly
  • Take an oxygen
  • When feeling any pain
  • Facing Asthma, Paralysis
  • After facing an accident
  • End life care
  • Baby & mom’s care
  • All kinds of physiotherapy care
  • Cancer patients’ care at home
  • ICU patient support/ care in the home

Service time

We are always ready to give our service. You can take any long-term or short-term service at any time. But we make 3 different plans for our patients.

  • Day care : Patients can take this in-home daycare service from 8 am to 8 pm. Generally, this type of service is given to all kinds of patients who want this.
  • Night Care : Patients can take this in-home nursing care service from 8 pm to 8 am
  • 24 hours : Patients can take this in-home nursing care service 24 hours a day. Mainly this service is given for the disabled, post-operation patients & who want to take help their 24 hours helping hand for doing /maintain all the activities of their life.


Want a caregiver? But do you through about the cost of in-home nursing care service? Our service price is always flexible for everyone. But not fixed. Because every patient’s condition is not the same, we know that every client’s need is different. For this, we always discuss before giving the service. Generally, the price depends on service time and kinds. But don’t worry, we are always affordable.