Talk about old age:

Old age is a terror to people of all ages. In our society, old age is viewed negatively by Nursing service at home bd. Nursing Home Care BD is providing nurse service in Dhaka Bangladesh. We are providing all-time best quality Home Care Services at your home.
Human perception, the place to punish people for the loss of old age. Old age was established for the care and care of helpless seniors. The common man could not take old age well. That’s why Nachiketa’s old age ‘song is so popular.
People expect elders to spend the last days of their lives with family members. The world has changed, people’s lives have changed.
A new world situation has come before mankind. For the sake of medical science. The average life expectancy of people has increased.
The number of seniors is increasing in society. The veteran population is a major challenge before the world.

The country’s textbook includes the subject matter of elders.
Many are appreciating the sanctity of old age. . Similarly, children and the elderly are most affected by natural disasters, war, climate change.
People continue to fight for money, power, prestige, and death.