nursing home care

By home care we generally mean, looking after an old or sick person, taking proper care of him. Also home nursing care service by a nurse, home visit of patient by a registered nurse and provision of all nursing services including injection pushing, dressing, cannula, catheter is called home nursing care service Dhaka.

Home nursing care service is to serve patients at home by skilled nurses. This nursing process is nursing home care. Nursing home care includes all activities that a nurse performs at home related to patient care.

What is the job of a care giver?

Caregiver’s job is to administer medication to the patient on time as per the doctor’s prescription, monitor, record and report the patient’s pulse, fever, blood pressure, blood sugar, respiration and other vital signs.

What is the job of a home care nurse?

A nurse’s job is to provide medical care. Medical care includes examining the health of the patient as per the doctor’s advice. Informing the doctor regularly about the progress or deterioration of the patient’s health. Nursing is a profession that deals with health care and health awareness activities of the general public. This profession emphasizes the importance of restoring personal, family or societal health and lifestyle to any patient or individual.

How is the demand for nursing home services?

Like all developed countries in the world, there is a huge demand for our nursing home care services in Bangladesh. There are many private nursing institutions in our country that provide nursing home care services.

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