Our 24 Nursing Service:

24 Hour Nursing Home Services Dhaka Bangladesh BD, We are providing nursing home services in Bangladesh.Our main goal is to serve those who suffer from problems such as extreme illness, mental illness, diabetes, incurable illness, neglect, neglect – humiliation, suicidal ideation, etc.
Elders who are at risk of suicide. Identifying them is very important.

The behaviors of those who are at risk – as follows: – Sleep too much or sleep poorly.
Don’t want to mix or mix with anyone. Kona was subjected to torture.

Always think of death or speak of death. In Purana, friends are saying goodbye to their anger. You do not take care of yourself, such as taking medicines, gasoline, eating at the right time – not making unreasonable decisions. He is giving away his wealth, his favorite things to others.

A willing property without good cause. People who drink regularly.24 Hour Nursing Home Services Dhaka Bangladesh BD.
He expressed his desire to die on social media. Suicide is a preventable health problem.
People are suicidal due to personality development, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.
Some factors should be considered in the prevention of suicide.For example – taking care of the body, not comparing yourself to others, learn to criticize yourself, get advice, keep talking, keep thinking, thinking new ideas, learning to plan, trying to adapt, trying to adapt to nutritious food, Exercise and do chores, continue to hang out with friends, relatives.
Time – Going for a walk. If the situation does not improve, a psychic reggae specialist must be shown. The murder and suicide of some elderly persons are given for the reader’s consideration.