Nurse supply in Dhaka

We pride ourselves on the specialized support that we can offer to those people who seek our care whether it is within their home or their local community nursing home care bd. Working with older people, children, and adults in all areas of their care needs, we strive to help and support you every step of the way Nurse supply in Dhaka.

The nurse is a medical professional responsible for medical procedures,Patient Care Home Service

safety and recovery of patients from acute and chronic health issues.

An in-home nurse is all that and more, in that he or she cares for you in your home, integrating him or herself into your family.

Nursing is a noble profession. Not only a profession but also serves and back the people from death. If one body part is ill then the whole body is ill.

The same point one family member is ill then whole family members are ill.

So we provide you or your loved one is recovering from an injury or recent illness, skilled medical care necessary.

long-term care facilities assisted living facilities and private residences Nursing Home care bd.

We provide diabetic patient care, road tract accident patient care, stock patient care, and post-surgery patient care, tracheotomy,

orthopedic, Gayne, neuro, NG tube feeding, I.V fluid puss with IV annular inserts, catheter insert, and catheter care all types of patients.

We can provide timely medicine, injection, routinely BP cheek, mouth care back care, posture change, wound, and bedsore care. please contact us