Elderly Care Bashundhara

If you need nursing home services in Bashundhara to take care of your elderly parents then you are at the right place. We provide aged care and nurses for any type of patient in Bashundhara. The nurses we provide perform all types of patient care related tasks. Elderly Care Service In Bashundhara.  We provide services on 12 hour and 24 hour basis and on daily and monthly basis. If you hire a nurse on a monthly basis then you have to pay the bill at the end of the month and if you hire a nurse on a daily basis then you have to pay the bill on a daily basis.

Type of nurse

We provide 3 types of nurses at your home 1/ Diploma Nurse 2/ Paramedical Nurse 3/ Care Giver These 3 types of nurses are further divided into different categories like pediatric care, elderly care, stoke patient care, neurological care etc.  If you need a nurse, our skilled team will visit and monitor your patient, then provide the nurse in the required department according to his physical condition. Our nurse will help the patient with everything from eating, bathing, toileting, urinating.

We take care of all our patients properly and our nurses are very dedicated to making their patients get well soon. All our services are at a reasonable price. We have been providing nursing home care services in Dhaka city since last 6 years with reputation. Our clients are very sincere with us to provide them good service. Trust in day-night nursing home care for your patient’s speedy recovery.

Elderly Care Service In Bashundhara

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